Why Flote Will Replace Your Social Networks

Aug 6, 2021 | 15 comments

Let’s talk about Flote — your new favorite social network (and why you won’t need any others…)

Are you a diehard social media devotee, or just a casual user? Either way, you’ve probably got one platform that you use more than any other. Maybe it’s Facebook, or Twitter? Telegram? Reddit? Could it be TikTok?

Have you ever thought about why you use that particular social network? Or why you’re still using it? Does Twitter make your heart sing? Is Facebook still connecting you with exciting new people all over the world? Are you still getting a perfectly-curated stream of relevant news and views from Reddit? Does TikTok make you feel free?

No? We didn’t think so…

Many people use those big platforms out of habit, or because they don’t think there’s any alternative. But an increasingly large proportion of users are becoming dissatisfied by the way these leading networks have changed over the years. Are you one of them? Do you talk about this with your friends?

It’s easy to feel jaded by the general mood, social interactions, and cultural attitudes that are currently found on social networking sites. We end up just tuning out more and more… even while those networks keep pushing their own ‘signals’ at us: more notifications, more in-your-face media, more distractions. And the things that we once valued seem to be slipping away — with less authenticity on these platforms, and an ever-dwindling supply of intelligence…

And the ‘purpose’ of social networks? Different strokes for different folks, of course, but we may generally agree on a few key reasons:

  • To help us discover and explore what’s important and interesting to us
  • To help us find new experiences, that might enrich our life in some way
  • To help us stay in touch with ‘our people’ — whether they’re close friends or complete strangers — and find out what they’re thinking and how they’re occupying their time.

As social media platforms have evolved, it seems they’re failing to meet these objectives. It feels like they’re just draining away our time — and they’ve started to mess with our minds.

Let’s face it — social networks have become dull. And, even worse than that, they’ve also become pretty sinister. Think about how they censor our ideas, suppress our communities, and manipulate our emotions. Is this the kind of virtual social space you imagined when you first created an account on Instagram, Facebook, or even MySpace, all those years ago?

Does any of this resonate with you? Do you want a more pure, positive, and productive use of social networking? Is free expression, exploring new ideas and experiences, and making like-minded connections important to you? If so, we want you to join us. And we think you might appreciate what we’re aiming to build… together as one big community focused on freedom of expression, free speech, and freely sharing our interests. “Whatever Flotes your boat”, ahem… or however you want to put it.

Flote v1.0 is just around the corner

Online, we all have a voice — or, at least, we should all have a voice. But BigTech and the BS (Big System) platforms they control are making us forget about this inalienable right. Whether it’s motivated by ideology or by profit, our collective diversity of beliefs, opinions, and values is being limited and restricted. It’s what they want.

Not ok with you? Nor us!

We saw the way things were going a long time ago, and decided to build something new.

So here at Team Flote, we all share a vision… It’s a quest that we’ve embarked on, and it has a singular focus that brings us together. We’ll keep debating over the finer details and making improvements for a long time to come, but we know we’re on the right track because of the DEMAND we see from many corners.

Flote is the only social network committed to maximum self-expression — for content creators, vendors, interest groups, and more.

Our highly caffeinated branding team sums it up as follows:

“People are jumping ship en masse from big tech and looking for kinder waters. Amidst the storm of censorship and suppression, Flote is a free port for unlimited self-expression — a social network where members earn crypto rewards while building meaningful connections. Connect with your crew today on Flote.app”. 

Did you catch the word ‘crypto’ in there?

Yes indeed, Flote combines the best elements of social media with another of the most exciting developments of the internet age — the blockchain. Flote’s driving force is decentralization, which is what these two crucial innovations have in common.

Flote is a censorship-resistant ecosystem for collaboration and communication, and it makes use of tokenization technology (e.g. Bitcoin, and soon Ethereum & Flote token) to take it to a level that early social platforms could only dream of. Not only are members free to share or to organise whatever and however they want, they can also earn cryptocurrency rewards for contributing to the best content experiences.

Flote enables members, creators and developers to contribute in multiple formats (digital content, physical goods, professional services, and more). They’re encouraged to find creative, innovative ways to solve challenges of self-expression and monetization, through an entirely new approach to filtering, matching and payments.

The Flote philosophy?

  1. no censorship
  2. connect to your crew
  3. monetize your creativity  

Big Tech is controlled by shareholders with a vested interest in preserving the status quo, and we’ve seen Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and the rest join forces in order to limit your freedoms. Flote is prying loose their stranglehold on social media. Our early investors are pro-freedom, and they’re big crypto enthusiasts.

Flote Features

With two years and hundreds of thousands of social posts behind us, we are finally ready to move on from ‘beta’ and launch our v1.0.

Flote features can be summed up with the following three pithy points:

Connect: Flote makes it easy to find like-minded people and worthwhile experiences.

Curate: Add text, images, audio, workshops and video — including fee-free livestreaming.

Collect: Engage in dozens of ways to monetize by sharing content, cryptocurrency-related features like minting or trading NFTs, or selling goods and services (on our roadmap for development.

The Flote platform is perfectly tailored to suit the specific interests of each broad audience type: users, creators, and developers.

  • User-centric: A user can curate their Flote experience, choosing exactly what to see and what to avoid, creating their own entirely unique network experiences, based on their own self-managed filtering — all while earning tokenized rewards (another big feature on our development roadmap)
  • Creator-centric: We provide more ways for serious content creators to earn income on Flote than on any other social platform
  • Developer-centric: We aim to enable access for developers (including established brands and fledgling startups) to launch unique user experiences, enabling massive network effects on top of the Flote social data platform. To remain competitive, we’ll see more and more brands bringing their entire user base to us.

We’ll leave the finer details on that for our private investors… 

Bottom line: Flote is building a free, open and user-friendly social network where members effortlessly interact with censorship-resistant tools like cryptocurrency and blockchain, connecting with both online and real-world applications.

Join Flote Beta version today, and get ready for Flote v1.0 coming soon.

In our next article we’ll deep dive into the Flote Features coming in v1.0. Stay tuned. Follow us on our social channels. And of course, follow us on Flote.

Our latest promo video:

Preview of some v1.0 features:

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