We’re Building This Ship Together – Announcing Flote’s Plank Owner NFT Series

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Flote Plank Owner NFT
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If you’ve been following Flote news for the last few months, you’ll know that we’re deep in the process of developing an entirely new codebase which we intend to launch before the end of 2021 to replace our current application. In addition to launching the new codebase, we’re also proud to announce an NFT release to commemorate this event and give you, the Flote community, a chance to get involved and be recognized: the Flote Plank Owner NFT Series.

The idea of a Plank Owner comes from naval history and culture. A plank owner was originally defined as an individual who was a member of the original crew of a ship when that ship was first placed in commission. Later on the term was applied to the first crew of a recommissioned ship as well. Crew members create and issue their own certificates and badges to commemorate ship launches and were often gifted actual pieces of deck planking from decommissioned ships on which they served.

Plank Ownership is an acknowledgment bestowed by crewmen upon each other that says “you were there when this ship first went into service” and is considered a badge of honor by subsequent crew who recognize the plank owner’s history, commitment and record of service.

In the coming weeks, Flote will be releasing our own Plank Owner NFTs to commemorate the re-launch of our current site, which is in beta, as a Version 1 product. We’d like to offer you the opportunity to be recognized as members of our original crew through these unique and limited edition NFTs.

Being a Plank Owner isn’t just a cool title you can stitch on the back of your service cap, by purchasing a Flote Plank Owner NFT, you will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Receive Flote Tokens via an airdrop in accordance with the NFT tier owned
  • Whitelisting for our upcoming Flote Avatar NFT sale
  • Plank Holder NFT visible as a badge on your Flote profile and in the Project Mirage metaverse
  • First access to a verified Flote profile
  • Post boosting multiplier
  • Invitation to private Plank Owner groups on Flote, Telegram and Discord
  • Beta access to new features on Flote
  • Exclusive invites and perks for Flote IRL events (FloteFest 2022)
  • Discount on premium Flote merchandise
  • Flote Advertiser credits
  • Membership in Flote+ for premium-tier services (as developed)
  • And most importantly, bragging rights!

Flote Plank Owner NFTs will be released on the Polygon blockchain for fast and cheap transactions and will feature a ceremonial digital plaque identifying the level of recognition you have acquired.

We’ve often said that being an early member of Flote is, in a way, a lot like being on the crew of a sailing ship. There are those times when you get to sit out on the deck in the sun and enjoy the waves… posting, conversing and meeting interesting new people… but also times when you’ve had to help out a bit below decks… dealing with and reporting bugs and making feature requests, for example. That’s what being a member of the crew is all about. Taking the good and the bad and working together to build something greater than any of us could have done alone.

Launching the new Version 1.0 of Flote and taking her out on her first voyage together is going to be an exciting event… one that will offer new opportunities as well as new challenges… and one we’re going to do together. Becoming a Flote Plank Owner is your way of stepping up to a greater role and adding your voice to help define the direction we take going into the future, and it’s our way of recognizing and showing our appreciation for your shared vision, commitment and record of service with us.

Look for more information about the Flote Plank Owner NFT release in the coming days and weeks both here on our blog and in other social media.

You can also find more information about our forthcoming release of the Flote Token at FloteToken.com.

And of course, if you’re not already a member and would like to learn more about Flote and the Flote Community, please visit JoinFlote.com. We will look forward to welcoming you aboard.

Let’s build this ship together!


  1. John Peter Arnolds

    Lets do it!!!!!

  2. @chilton

    All right! I’m in.


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