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As Flote members already know, we prefer to keep our house rules simple. We believe that expectations should be clearly stated and in language that anyone can understand so that there aren’t hidden rules you can accidentally violate and get banned for without explanation.

The other side of this, however, is that our rules are not going to be so thoroughly written as to cover every possible action and response. We’d like you to understand the general values and guidelines and work with us to come to meaningful resolutions when we or any Flote member feels that a violation has occurred.

We also don’t like to change the rules and so have been exceptionally resistant to modifying or adding to them. Nevertheless, things do change and new things come to light that need attention. It is for this reason that we’re announcing some simple but important changes.

We’ll start here with the new House Rules followed by some guidelines as to how we will implement these rules and then offer an explanation of what’s changed.

You can read the current rules on our House Rules page for another week or so until they’re updated officially at the same location with these new rules.


These rules are designed to benefit all Flote users, and apply to all Flote users without exception. Please note that Flote is required to adhere to U.S. laws and regulations.


  1. You must be at least 18 years of age to create a Flote account.
  2. No spam, doxxing, malware, deliberate scam accounts or username squatting.
  3. Adult imagery that contains nudity must be marked with an #NSFW tag. If the imagery is in a user’s avatar or header image, #NSFW must be placed in the user’s bio.
  4. Impersonation accounts are not allowed. Parody accounts must be marked as such in a user’s display name, username, or bio.
  5. You may not use Flote to threaten, promote, organize, exhibit, or monetize the involuntary initiation of the use of force against another person.
  6. Flote does not condone or support the distribution of content depicting children in sexualized situations.

Action and Appeal Process

Flote will take no action on a post until it is referred to us by a member of the site who has provided a copy of the content and explained how it has broken one of our rules.

You may report a user’s post by using the “Report Post” feature in the post ellipsis menu or by sending an email to support@flote.app if you believe a post or account is violating Flote’s rules.

At this point, our team will review the content and make a determination.

If it is determined that content has violated a rule and that content is removed, the original poster will be notified as to what the content was and which rule it violated. The reporting user will also be notified that the content has been removed.

In the event of an egregious violation of house rules or a repeated violation of a rule with multiple instances of content being reported and removed, we may take steps to limit or revoke the member’s account.

Please contact support@flote.app if you feel that your account or posts have been handled incorrectly.


Rule 1 has been changed from 13 to 18 year of age to reflect our cultural standards of who is capable of making a conscious, informed decision and enter into an agreement which is essential to voluntary behavior.

Rule 2 is a combination and clarification of several previous separate items.

Rule 5 is new. Voluntarism is a core principle at Flote and content that is used to initiate or depict the initiation of real world involuntary force by Flote members violates this core principle.

An example of the initiation of the use of involuntary force against another individual would be swatting. In a scenario where one Flote member is performing a live stream and another Flote member contacts a law enforcement agency and causes them to engage with the first streamer under false pretenses, we would consider this a violation of the house rules. As a counter example, two Flote members agreeing to produce a live stream of a voluntary boxing match would not violate this rule, despite involving the use of force, because the force is voluntary.

Rule 6 is new. The injunction against depictions of children in sexualized situations is more complex. While arguments can and have been made in support of some forms of these depictions, we at Flote feel that children as a class deserve and require our protection from sexualization as a matter of moral and ethical imperative and so we have chosen to adopt a more strict posture against their deliberate exploitation.

Determinations about what does and does not constitute “depiction of a child in a sexualized situation” will be made carefully and with full transparency. To be clear, this is not limited to actual, living children and extends to cover photographs, videos, cartoons, animations, text and any other form of depiction.


We do not wish to stifle the voluntary exchange of ideas nor do we wish to police our members behavior or lose our freedom of expression or sense of humor… but we do feel that there are some minimal standards which must be upheld by even the most free individuals, less voluntary interaction be rendered impossible.

It is our hope that our community understands and accepts the necessity and validity of these new rules in this light. Please direct your questions and comments to support@flote.app for a prompt response.


Visit us at flote.biz for more blog posts, at flotetoken.com to learn about our crypto and NFT initiatives and at flotefest.com to learn more about how to attend our IRL events. But most of all, come to joinflote.com and join our growing community of Flote members. We’ll see you there.



  1. Shepard

    I agree to the rules of your company while on company property, also; off campus. 🙂

  2. Randall

    I think the use of the term “exhibition of involuntary force” in Rule 5 could be seen to apply to the poster exhibiting his/her own violence or exhibiting the encouragement of others seen doing so. I don’t think it extends to commentary on gross violations of human conduct by State actors or by criminal thugs highlighted in media sources.

    They may wish to clarify that point in the future if it becomes an issue, however.

    • RatMan29

      Agree. Images of a crime being shown to help catch the bad guys or cast shame on them ought to be allowed. I realize this would create some judgment calls in cases where a bad guy wants to publicize his own crime to scare people.

  3. RatMan29

    There was a post a couple weeks ago saying Flote was moving to a new host and a new app. But I don’t see either here. Please update this web site so I can get back in.

  4. xmc.pl

    Starting a post kind of like this one forced me to do some research and I found your post to be quite helpful. My site is centered around the idea of knowledge, fun and sharing. I wish you first-rate luck with your site in the future and you can be sure I’ll be following it.


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