Plank Owner NFT Sale February Update

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  • Plank Owner NFT sale concludes on March 31st
  • Private Telegram and Discord groups are now open for Plank Owners
  • Plank Owners will get access to the new Flote platform test environment 2 days before the public
  • Crypto payments on Ethereum and Polygon networks are now accepted
  • FLOTE token private sale participants will be able to redeem their special edition Plank NFT in about a week

Ahoy Flote Fam! It’s time for another update on our Plank Owner NFT sale. Our earliest adopters have minted a total of 101 NFTs so far. Now we begin the process of building even more hype around the collection by bringing it to the NFT & Crypto enthusiast communities that are so active over on Twitter. By bringing them into the fold we not only introduce them to the free-speech alternative to Twitter, but we also create demand amongst avid collectors for Planks, which will be the most coveted utility NFTs on the Flote platform.

To help us reach this wider audience please follow us on Twitter at @FloteToken and RT & engage with all of our posts.

Do you know what else creates demand? A closing window of opportunity. Whereas some NFT projects pre-cap their collections at 10k NFTs, we want the market to decide the total supply of Planks. But scarcity and exclusivity are key factors in the success of any NFT project. To take advantage of these principles we have decided to officially conclude the sale of Plank Owner NFTs on March 31st. This is roughly the day that the all-new Flote platform goes live.

That means there is just a little more than a month left before Plank minting is closed forever. After that the only option people will have to get their hands on a Plank is secondary markets. In other words, newcomers will have to buy them from you. This presents a unique opportunity to stack up a few more planks in preparation to meet future demand. In other words, flipping Planks could make you big bucks!

New Crypto Payment Options

Until now, users only had three options to purchase their Plank NFTs. Debit/Credit and Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. Well, now we are offering two more. Users can purchase their Planks using select currencies on both Ethereum and Polygon networks. Here is a list of the supported tokens.


Want to avoid the exorbitant Ethereum gas fees? We suggest paying on the Polygon network. This option is definitely more for advanced crypto users, but if you have assets on Polygon, you can place your order and pay a fraction of the gas fees you would otherwise pay on Ethereum.

It should be noted that this “order form” method is only temporary and we plan on incorporating all of these crypto payment options directly into the minting interface ASAP.

Private Groups are Now Open!

In other news. This week we opened the private Telegram and Discord groups to Plank Owners. These channels are where they will receive all the latest info, announcements and rewards relating to their membership status as a Flote Plank Owner.

If you already have your planks you can join them now by doing the following. (Full instructions can be found on our Telegram and Discord channels within the announcements sections.

Telegram: Click this link to chat with our gatekeeper bot and connect your wallet to gain access.

Discord: Join our server then go to the #collabland-join channel and follow the instructions.

To get the most out of your Plank Owner membership you will definitely want to join one or both of these channels.

Early V1.0 “Catamaran” Access

In our latest AMA we spilled the beans that towards mid-March we will be opening up a public test environment for our users to get a peak at the all-new Flote platform. Users will be encouraged to play in the sandbox and provide valuable feedback prior to the official changeover from Beta to V1.0, or as we call it internally “Catamaran”.

Plank Owners will get the added benefit of getting access to the site a full 2 days before the public. In addition, we will incentivize POs to report bugs and feedback on our Discord server, entering them into an exclusive giveaway. But more details on this are to come.

Private-sale Plank NFTs are on the way!

In 2021 Flote opened up a private-sale round for our forthcoming FLOTE tokens. The next step in fulfilling these purchases is issuing every participant in the private round a special-edition Private tier Plank Owner NFT. Holders of these NFTs will get all the perks and benefits of the other Planks, and a variety of benefits exclusive to the private-sale participants. In addition, we will use these NFTs to identify the participant’s wallets and issue them the tokens they purchased once the FLOTE token airdrop commences!

These NFTs will be made available to all private-sale participants to mint for free in about a week’s time. We will provide an announcement the second we know when they will officially be available.

Don’t Forget our Weekly Giveaways!

Lastly, we are running giveaways every week until the Plank NFT sale ends. For your chance to win some NFTs please participate in this week’s giveaway.

And if you miss it, you can catch the next ones starting every Monday. Just make sure you are following us on Flote, Twitter, Telegram and Discord so you never miss an opportunity to win an NFT or one of our many other awesome prizes.


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