How to: Mint Your Plank Owner NFTs

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So you want to join the crew huh? We’re excited to have you. Before you mint your Plank NFT there are a couple things you’ll need to do in preparation.

a. Create a MetaMask wallet. If you already have one, GREAT! You can move on to step b. If not then please follow this quick tutorial to get your wallet all set up.

b. Load the Polygon RPC into your wallet. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds. You’ll need this to view your NFTs once you complete your purchase. We’ve got a quick tutorial for that as well!

With that out of the way we are ready to get to minting.

1. From the minting page, select the NFT(s) you would like to purchase and mint. You can select multiple NFTs of various tiers, and/or multiple from the same tier. If you will be doing the latter just click “Add to order” under the NFT you want, then navigate down the page to the “NFT Order Queue” section under Mint Your Planks. Then find the NFT in the queue you want multiples of and adjust the quantity, then click “Update Cart” (this can also be done in step 3.)

2. Review your order. When you’re ready to pull the trigger click “Let’s Mint” and you will be taken to the next page to complete your order.

3. Input your customer info. We only need the basics, your email (to send your receipt) and your Polygon wallet address (to send your NFT.) Both of these fields are required. If you don’t know where to find your wallet address open the tutorial module that reads “Where do I find my Polygon Address?”

4. Select your payment type. We offer four different ways to pay to make it as convenient as possible for everyone.

a. Pay in Fiat with Credi/Debit: This method will securely process your payment using Stripe.

b. Pay with ETH or Supported ERC20 Tokens: This method allows you to pay with the following tokens on the Ethereum network: ETH, USDC, USDT, DAI, wBTC. But be warned, transaction fees on the Ethereum network can be a bit crazy. To minimize gas fees we suggest the next option.

c. Pay on Polygon Network: This method allows you to pay with the following tokens on the Polygon network: MATIC, USDC, USDT, DAI, wETH, wBTC. You can expect to pay roughly 1/1000th the price in gas fees vs the Ethereum network (why else do you think we’re building Flote on Polygon!?)

d. Pay with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash: This method will let you pay in good ‘ol Bitcoin or it’s little bro, Bitcoin Cash. Upon checkout you’ll be shown an address to send your sats to, which can be completed from any BTC or BCH wallet.

5. Hit “Place Order”! If everything is input correctly you will be taken the next step to complete payment based on your selected currency option.

a. Debit/Credit: You know the drill.

b. Ethereum/Polygon: You can use your balance on MetaMask or select Wallet Connect to use most other crypto wallets.

c. BTC/BCH: You will be shown a QR code and the address for a manual transaction. Just pop open your BTC or BCH wallet, input the address and the the exact amount, and send it off.

6. Sit back and wait. As soon as you payment is processed your NFTs will be minted and delivered to the Polygon address you provided. In the case of Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash transactions, they can take many minutes to sometimes hours to be confirmed on-chain. So be patient. To view your newly minted Plank NFT check out this quick tutorial.


And that’s it! You are now a prestigious Plank Owner. Show that bad boy off to your social circles and wait for the perks to start rolling in.


Visit us at for more blog posts, at to learn about our crypto and NFT initiatives and at to learn more about how to attend our IRL events. But most of all, come to and join our growing community of Flote members. We’ll see you there.


  1. ChezRAD

    The setup was easy. Good tutorials that walk through it. Nice job!

  2. Portal Edukacyjny

    Thought I would comment and say cool theme, did you create it on your own? Really looks awesome!


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