Flote v1.0 to Embark on its Maiden Voyage

May 25, 2021 | 136 comments

With 2 years and hundreds of thousands of social posts in our wake, we are ready to drop ‘beta’ and launch our v1.0.

Flote is building a free, open and user-friendly social network where users effortlessly interact with censorship-resistant tools like cryptocurrency and blockchain that connect with both online and real-world applications.

Connect — Flote makes it easy to find like-minded people and worthwhile experiences.

Curate — Add text, images, audio, workshops and video — including fee-free livestreaming.

Collect — Dozens of ways to monetize, simply by sharing content, cryptocurrency related features like minting NFTs, or trading goods and services.


Flote Features in v.10

Your voice matters. So does your privacy. Flote protects your right to freedom of speech with message encryption. You decide who sees what, whether it’s for profit, politics, pet videos, or philosophy.


Technical Approach

We’re rebuilding the entire system from the ground up, with the exception of the PostgreSQL database. The Old Ruby code will be sunset, and we’re migrating to gRPC messaging systems within the Node JS streaming data ecosystem which will fundamentally change the experience of the platform from a cached, refresh-heavy interface to a dynamic, “streaming API” experience. Couple that with a complete server-stack-rearchitecting into a privacy-centric provider, video & live stream improvements, and security and messaging improvements with Websockets & web-workers, we’re looking at a solid, safe, & secure developer-friendly platform that will be ready for the future of crypto/token integrations, animated user-friendly interactions, and high-fidelity data displays and metrics for the freedom community.


All Aboard!

People are jumping ship en masse from big tech and looking for kinder waters. Flote is a free-port social network for uncensored self-expression — where members earn crypto rewards while building meaningful connections.


Set sail with Flote — a new and improved social network that protects your freedom of speech.

Connect with your crew today on Flote.app

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