Flote Releases Newly Updated Logo

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Flote News, Press Release | 6 comments

Often we’re asked the question “What does the name Flote mean?” Well the word “flote” is the Middle English form of the word “float” which brings to mind the idea of a flotilla… a gathering together of boats of various sizes and shapes uniting in a singular purpose.

This image of boats and gathering together has been a part of our company since the beginning… and is exemplified by our logo. The original Flote logo was an origami boat which, after a time, was remade into a more simple boat-like icon. That, in turn, became our most recent logo… a more obvious sailboat design with a signature wave-like element on the bottom. But the truth is that this boat logo concept, while perhaps familiar and, dare I say it, beloved by some members of the site, is starting to show its age.

An Updated Look

We felt it was time to do an update. It happens that the word flote also means “a wave” and it was this imagery that inspired us to design and release our new “wave motif” logo.

The wave retains our nautical theme while shifting the focus from the flotilla of boats themselves to the surge of motion and activity that they can create by moving together. It’s reflected in our token icon as well and, we feel, adds a more modern and less “on the nose” feel to the brand. Furthermore, since the logo is integrated into our name, it’s more versatile as it can be used alone or in conjunction with the word Flote.

Also included in this new design is a bit more color. We’re shifting away from the pure blue of our earlier brand to more of a blue to purple gradient with the intention of giving ourselves a bit more room when it comes to design.

The Decision

Our design team did several iterations of new logos ranging from an updated origami style to a futuristic starship look… but during the review process, the entire team decided that this new wave motif logo was the easiest to grasp, had the most updated look and represented us the best.

It’s not often you get a unanimous decision on something as intimate to a business as its brand identity, so when that happened, we felt it was a good sign that we were on the right track.


While it’s not apparent on all of our content just yet, you’ll begin to see the new Flote logo appearing in our media and support sites including our logos and merch for Flote Fest 2022, as a graphical element of our Plank Owner NFT series, in the next release of our Android APK, and then finally implemented on our main site with the release of our v1.0 product.

We hope you like the new logo as much as we do and keep in mind the imagery it represents… that while we are individuals, by joining together we can become something greater than any one of us.


Visit us at flote.biz for more blog posts, at flotetoken.com to learn about our crypto and NFT initiatives and at flotefest.com to learn more about how to attend our IRL events. But most of all, come to joinflote.com and join our growing community of Flote members. We’ll see you there.


  1. Kelly Boland

    Absolutely needed an update love the logo represents movement. And Flote is a movement against government and totalitarian tryanny.
    Good job everyone!!

    • Mark Watson @Studio8424

      I will work the new logo into promoting Flote on my channels i think a new logo near the time of 1.0 release is a good way to promote what is sure to be a major change to the site and it fits with the Flote Token.

      It might take getting used to for some, but I would definitely promote it with the 1.0 release.

  2. tooth looth

    flote the new icon logo is same to renren.com logo`s

  3. David

    Love you Flote. But honestly, the old icon was a better fit in my opinion. Not loving this logo or color scheme at all.

    • Rez Man

      Agreed! The old icon was (and is) a better fit.


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