Flote Plank Owner NFT Series – Unstoppable Domains Partnership

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We mentioned that the list of perks our Plank Owners would enjoy would just keep on growing. Well, case in point. We’re adding one more to the list… And the NFTs aren’t even available yet.

Believe us now?

What is it you ask? It just so happens we’ve had a partnership in the works, and this announcement is gonna let that cat out of the bag.

We have partnered with Unstoppable Domains! The decentralized, censorship-resistant domain registrar. While we can’t divulge the particulars of our future plans with them, what we CAN say is that each and every Plank Owner will receive one free blockchain domain name from Unstoppable!

Here are the deets:

  • Free domain purchase voucher codes will be sent to each buyer via the email they register with at time of purchase. Buyers will receive one code per NFT bought.
  • The code allows you to buy any available domain valued at $20. Have your heart set on a premium domain that’s a bit more expensive? Then the voucher code will save you $20 on your purchase.
  • This perk is non-transferable. Meaning, only the original buyer of the NFT will get it. If you buy a Plank NFT on the secondary market, sorry bucko, you’ll just have to live with the myriad of other perks your NFT grants you.
  • Available domains include .crypto .wallet .nft .bitcoin .x .coin .dao .888 and .blockchain

Cool, great, AWESOME! So what do I do with a blockchain domain?

Sorry, we thought you knew. Blockchain domains are similar to standard top level domains (TLDs), like .com .net or .org. But unlike those TLDs:

  1. They are not owned by ICANN, which is owned by the UN. And therefore, they cannot be censored by “the powers that be”.
  2. You buy them once and own them for life.
  3. They are issued in the form of an NFT, which you can turn around and sell for a profit (or a loss if you are the typical Cardano investor.)
  4. They do more than act as an address for a website (but they do that too). They are best used as a human-readable address for all your crypto wallets. Want someone to send you some BTC or ETH? Telling them to send it to joeshmo.wallet is way easier than 0x911n0no732WTF69fML……… (BTW, this domain can be applied to your future Flote wallet too.)
  5. Even cooler, they can act as your address AND key to create an unstoppable decentralized website hosted across the globe on IPFS (Interplanetary File System). In human words, a website that can’t be censored.

Pretty sweet, right? So keep an eye on our socials, including Flote, Telegram, Discord and Twitter to find out when the Plank Owner NFT series goes live. We will be making that announcement shortly.

Too excited and can’t wait? Don’t want your ideal blockchain domain to get snatched up before you get your code? That’s cool, just head on over to Unstoppable Domains and find what you’re looking for. You can always use your free credit for that dontneeditbutgottahaveit.nft domain.


  1. Rick D

    Way cool! Nice addition!

  2. Stan

    Friggin’ awesome.

  3. Jamie

    Is this perk also for those that participated in the community token sale?

    • Alexander

      Yep! All private sale participants will be getting a special edition Plank NFT and all the base perks including a free UD domain, plus a few special ones exclusively for those earliest adopters (More info on this is TBA).


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