Flote Plank Owner NFT Series – Tiers & Pricing

by | Dec 2, 2021 | Flote News | 7 comments

In our last post we announced our upcoming Plank Owner NFT release, celebrating Flote’s ascension from Beta to V1.0, and kicking off the $FLOTE token Member Pre-Sale.

We are ready to share the next bit of exciting info on this initiative with our community. One of the most asked questions has been “How much are the NFTs and what are the tiers you mentioned?” Well, we’re glad you asked!

Below is the official breakdown of the Plank Owner NFTs we’ll be offering, how much they will be listed for, and some of the perks associated with the collection.

Shipmate = $100

Chief = $1,000

Officer = $2,500

Captain = $5,000

Pirate = $10,000

Whale = $25,000


One of the most exciting perks is that the Plank Owner NFTs grant the holder $FLOTE at a discount over the IDO price! (Discount amount and IDO price TBA)

Here are a few more fun facts about these NFTs

  1. You can buy multiple NFTs to gain access to the amount of $FLOTE you want to receive. Just mix-and-match various NFT- tiers to increase your airdrop.
  2. Regardless of how many you own, you will receive all the perks of the highest tier NFT you hold.
  3. Each tier will enjoy unique perks not shared by lower tiers. But each higher tier will enjoy all the perks of the lower tiers. (Details regarding individual tier perks TBA)
  4. NFT perks are transferable. So if you have 5 Shipmates, once you get the airdrop you can resell 4 of them to allow others to gain access to its perks.
  5. You can purchase any amount or combination of the NFT tiers listed above, but once we hit $1,500,000 the NFT sale will end.
  6. The perks listed are only the beginning. We will be adding new value and utility exclusive to these NFTs for years to come!


Below is a recap of the expected Plank Owner NFT perks:

  • Receive $FLOTE Token via an airdrop in accordance with the NFT tier owned – Token priced at a discount from when it goes on into IDO
  • Whitelisted for our upcoming Flote Avatar NFT sale
  • Plank Holder NFT visible as a badge on your Flote profile and in Project Mirage
  • First access to a verified Flote profile
  • Post boosting multiplier
  • Invitation to private Plank Owner groups on Telegram, Discord and soon… Flote
  • Beta access to try the newest features on Flote
  • Direct contact to the Flote team for future suggestions
  • Exclusive invites and perks for private Flote IRL events (Flote Fest and more)
  • Discount on premium Flote merchandise
  • And most importantly, bragging rights!


When does the NFT sale start?

We are almost done with finalizing the details of this program and are making sure that the sale will go as smoothly as possible. For that reason, we cannot give a specific date at this time but we anticipate that it will go live before the holidays commence.


How can I buy these NFTs?

Our team is committed to making the purchasing process as easy as possible, regardless of whether you are an NFT ape who has participated in numerous mints, or a crypto-newb who has never transacted on the blockchain.

We are working to ensure that all users will have easy access to purchasing their NFTs via crypto or dirty fiat.


How can I stay in the loop?

Our team wants to make sure you know exactly where, when and how to take part in the NFT sale. To stay in the know follow @flotetoken on Flote, sign up to our email list, or join either our Telegram or Discord communities.


  1. Madcap

    What a scam! The users who were there from the beginning get pushed under, while the well moneyed spenders get “special privileges”. I had high hopes for flote, but now I realize I was duped. I can only hope more users see how disgusting this grift is!
    Get out of flote!

    • Ashley

      You’ll find more in depth answers and explanations on “The Survival Podcast ” … he literally just interviewed the COO of flote a week ago and it may help. Just look for the title mentioning flote in the week of the 12th or so and it may help. It’s confusing however is the way of the future tech world and economy. It’s “web 3.0” basically

    • Russel

      Seriously? Flote us primarily a social engagement platform, not some super-special get-a-leg-up-on-the-other-guy, elementary school playground gang/social dominance utility.

      Have you been there from the beginning?

      Awesome! I can only assume that this means that you’re a content creator with a large following. That following is its own reward, and can be independent of any specific social media platform.

      If you’re not a content creator, then what’s your problem? You’re not getting digital gold stars next to your name? Really? That’s worth pitching a fit and trying to get others to leave the platform? Without an existing audience, I can’t imagine that your efforts will be particularly successful.

  2. ClownWorldDropout

    You know, I have basically ignored this Plank thing because from what I can see NFT’s are an illusion. Someone else wrote that it requires great mental gymnastics to see the value in NFT’s.

    The prices are absurd and for what? I have to agree with Madcap regarding favoring those with big bucks.

    I’m not digging this.

    You guys need to make money but how about some realistic options for the average joe?

    • Jack Spirko

      I think the value here was just spelled out very well, they ain’t selling you pictures of a stupid monkey man.

      • Ashley

        Haha I was just about to tell the commenter to listen to your podcast episode explaining all this stuff…
        It may be new and hard to comprehend but so was the .com boom and bitcoin once upon a time. 😎


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