In our previous blog Why Flote Will Replace Your Social Networks, we shared some of the vision of Flote. 

Below you’ll find a comprehensive overview of the feature bells and whistles our development teams are preparing for Flote v1. This may be v1.1, v1.2 and so on. 

Bugs aside, we have progressed in our mission, with infrastructure now being fully revamped.  

So far, Flote has operated as a censorship-resistant social network, with support from a wide variety of thought leaders and influencers. Our platform has and will continue to integrate features that people find most useful and enjoyable, with a particular focus on user privacy and monetization. 

Unlike Big Tech leaders, we respect our users. We’re a social media network with values and principles. Our goal is to provide easy-to-use tools to enable privacy, moderation, and monetization. 

We’re empowering people to communicate and support each other, free from suppression, spying and data-mining.

As an open platform, Flote v1 will allow customized connectivity, incentivizing members with micro-payment rewards and content creators with multiple streams of income. 

Speaking of ‘income’…

Introducing the Flote Market

If you like to create or buy things like courses, consultancy, memberships, expert trainings, and so on… imagine those features seamlessly available on your favorite social network. 

Our aim is to allow ‘content consumers’ and ‘content creators’ to find each other at precisely the right time. Serendipity. Allowing buyers and sellers to match through advanced filtering — with each community member in control of what premium content or other services you see on Flote. 

With P2P (peer to peer) payments, creators can keep a lot more of the subscription revenue they generate. With the way that monetisation has worked in the past, we’ve seen at least 50% of revenue going to the platforms themselves. It’s time for this to change. We’re taking control away from Big Tech, and a big part of this is making sure our users get the financial rewards they’re entitled to — without hindering our members overall experience of the platform. 

Which brings us to another key part of Flote v1…

Introducing the Flote Explorer

The “Explore Flote” interface includes enhanced keyword and trend searching plus charts and auto-filtered results grouped-by content type as you explore ideas, hashtags, and subjects.

Don’t just search, explore! The forthcoming Explore features will take your search to another level. 

Starting with the Explore bar in the main navigation, you can input what you’re looking for and you will be delivered to a page of robust search results with all the users and content related to your query, along with a growing list of topic analytics. 

You can even stack search terms to drill down to find exactly what you’re looking for, or filter through post type to satiate exactly what you’re craving.

But as the name suggests, with the Explore feature you are empowered to find new creators and content you didn’t know you were looking for. From the explore bar you can:

  • Navigate to the “Explore Flote” page to be greeted with recommended content based on your interests, followers and the content you engage with most. 
  • Or create a list and discover more great content based on your own curation. 

Our goal is to make Exploration a key component of the Flote experience, delivering you quality content and for maximum engagement.

Beyond Expectations

Consider Twitter. There is nothing inherently unique about such platforms. It is just micro-blogging after all. Twitter has, for example, only recently integrated tipping into their service. Clubhouse recently launched with great success providing an audio-only social experience. Telegram has now introduced similar functionality.

Each centralized service protects its market position by limiting its range of features. 

Flote can launch from a clean slate as an open-ended ecosystem for connectivity and commerce.

Speaking of future features…

Flote Groups

Flote Beta lacked one of the most popular features of social networks for building topic specific communities: Groups. 

Flote Groups will allow users to create and manage topic-focused public and private groups to share content and build niche communities. 

We’ll share updates as design and development of Groups progresses in the coming months. 

Did somebody say ____ mode?

That’s right. Flote is finally seeing the light…

Coming soon.

Flote Token

Besides such things as Flote Market, Explorer, Groups, and ____ mode, we are also progressing with blockchain-based payment solutions. 

Our business model is not driven to make a financial profit per se. Our chief aim is to help bring funds into the Flote community to help serve and protect us all from increasing censorship, and the lacklustre experience of social networking that now exists on other BigTech platforms.

That’s why launching the FLOTE token is so important.

Known in cryptocurrency terms as a ‘utility token’, it can be used to reward, incentivize, and benefit our community — including reward points that can be used for various premium features that otherwise cost us money to produce and host, allowing many users to enjoy them with no charge.

Details are available at — and join the Flote Token Telegram group for real-time chat on all the details. 

Finally, the big question: 

‘When Flote?’

Flote Beta is being sunset during 2021. Flote v1.0 will launch with an entirely new codebase, ready for scalability and rapid feature development. 

We’re aiming high, with millions of potential users to convert, and we’ve got our BigTech competitors in our sights.

Stay tuned for updates. And connect with your crew on Flote today.  

Keen to Help?

Here’s a summary statement from a brainstorm session held by our team on the mission and vision of Flote, revealing how focused we are to create a world where people can share things with freedom and confidence.

“To organize and empower free communities, we will provide innovative social tools for unlimited expression, so we can inspire the blossoming of economic and individual liberty worldwide. This is our guiding principle. Our North Star that keeps our aim true.”  

If you advocate what we’re attempting to do, we’re reaching out to you, and others just like you. We are offering you the social media that you need, with the experiences, ideas, and communities that you deserve. Join us, and help shape our direction. 

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