Announcing Flote Fest 2022!

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In February of 2021, in the midst of the fear and panic surrounding lockdowns, mandates and growing concerns about restrictions on travel and gatherings, the Flote team started to plan an event. We decided that our festival would be a celebration of freedom, voluntarism and agorism and a renewal of our commitments as a community to come together and support each other.

And so Flote Fest was born. In early April some 250+ individuals from all across the country converged for five days of family, friends and fun on a 100 acre farm in central Texas.  For many, it was the first time they had been out in public without a face mask… the first time they’d embraced… the first time they’d shared meals and drinks and songs with friends and strangers in over a year.

Attendees not only brought their friends, families and pets, but also their skills, values and products. Anyone who wanted to was free to barter, sell and trade whatever they had for whatever they wanted and our invited guest speakers and performers entertained us as they challenged us to think and act. To our surprise, the local community came out as well… neighbors brought produce, farm products and stories of small town life and we welcomed them into our fold with friendship, drinks and tales of cryptocurrency and the philosophy of freedom.

It was a resounding success. So we’re gonna do it again.

Flote Fest 2022

Flote Fest 2022 is happening from April 29 to May 3 at the same location as last year. We’ve already started planning and intend to do it bigger, better and, most of all, with even more freedom than before. The great state of Texas welcomed us with open arms last year and the community around our venue is looking forward to our return… so let’s give them an event to remember.

Details (including the location for first time attendees) will be forthcoming but our plan is to welcome up to 400 people this year while still keeping the cost to vendors at zero.


We learned quite a bit from our experience last year. First off, we’ll be working with those who want to group up to define “market zones” for food vendors, workshops and other types of products and services for improved vendor and dining experiences. We’ll also be working harder to keep the space clean and to make sure that toilet and garbage facilities are well spaced throughout the event and refreshed every other day. Improvements have been made to the grounds and we’ll be featuring key speakers and performers in addition to coordinating attendee events and managing a calendar and broadcasting announcements.

Children and pets will be welcome once again and we’ll be assisting people with volunteering and supporting each other so that our dependents have a fun and safe time while adults have the opportunity to engage with each other without worry or concern.

The event has been lengthened to six days so that attendees can come and go as they please and of course there will be day passes for folks who just want to pop by and check things out.


IRL meetups are important for us here at Flote… they’re an opportunity for us to not only provide you with an exciting lineup of speakers, performers and vendors, but also a chance for us to get to know you more as you meet and get to know each other. The Flote team is looking forward to bringing you an improved, expanded and more purposeful, meaningful and enjoyable experience in the spring of 2022.

Check in at in the coming weeks and months for more information and details as they become available and we’ll see y’all in Texas!


Visit us at for more blog posts, at to learn about our crypto and NFT initiatives and at to learn more about how to attend our IRL events. But most of all, come to and join our growing community of Flote members. We’ll see you there.

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