Meet the Flote team

We have assembled some of the top minds in the blockchain, software, media and design spaces to help us realize our vision for a freer and more prosperous social network experience.

Kingsley Edwards

CEO | Flote
Kingsley Edwards entered the blockchain industry in 2013 by founding Leet, an esports bitcoin platform, which was later acquired in 2017. He is now focused on connecting people and payments with encryption and cryptocurrency technologies as the Founder and CEO of Flote.

George Pranis

VP of Biz Dev
George has a varied background within the tech and blockchain industries. Kingsley and George have worked together since 2016 on various projects, including Leet which went on to be acquired. George’s involvement and deep understanding of the decentralized world will be used to help with business development and to bring the big picture together with Flote.

Erin Edwards

Our Chief Community Officer, Erin Edwards runs the Las Vegas Bitcoin Meetup which is now the largest in Nevada with over 1000+ members. She also holds the honor of helping to onboard the first casino to accept the asset in 2014. In 2019, Erin sought a bigger challenge, manifesting Flote along with a conference encouraging crypto-centric entrepreneurship. Erin firmly believes in the power of community and its ability to change the world through innovation.


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